The Atlantean Spirits generously reward eager explorers. These are some of the bonuses you can receive:

Daily Treasures
Play the game every day and receive a gift immediately after starting it. The gift can contain energy, resources, crafts, coins and gems. You'll get a special gift for your 8th, 15th, 22nd and 30th day in the game.

Researcher Bonus
Get resources for the time spent in the game. The more time you spend, the more gifts you'll get! After receiving the bonus it will be available again the next day. The bonus opens at level 6.

Daily Tasks
Complete daily tasks and get chests with coins , gems, and experience points.
Tomorrow's Gift from Robert
Choose a gift and receive it the next day! You can select Energy, Coins, Wood, or a Surprise. If you choose Surprise, you never know what Robert will get for you. It could be anything from a heap of rocks to a handful of gems.
Pay attention to unusual objects in the game. You can get energy and experience points from magical trees, blue flowers and shells. Abandoned houses, fountains and monoliths are full with gold. What is more, there're treasure islands which can be opened with magic cubes!