the Polishing Yard will become available in the Shop when passing the Isle of Giants.

With the help of Polishing Yard, you can produce such materials as Malachite, Marble Block, Jewelry Billet, and Diamond.

Malachite can be made in the Polishing Yard from Malachite Ore and Millstones. Malachite is used to make such valuable things as Pot, Statue, Fountain, Ring, and Gear. It is also needed to build the Jewelry Workshop and to complete Franco's orders.

Marble Block is made in the Polishing Yard from Marble, Mortar, and Millstones. Marble Block is used to make Statue, Column, and Fountain. It is also needed in building the Sculpting Workshop, the Jewelry Workshop, and the Engineering Workshop, as well as in completing Franco's orders.

Jewelry Billet is made from Nuts, Gold, and Silver in the Polishing Yard. It is used to produce Ring, Necklace, and Tiara in the Jewelry Workshop. Jewelry Billet is also needed to complete Franco's orders.

Diamond is made in the Polishing Yard from Diamonds and Mi'thril. Diamond is used to make Tiara, as well as to complete Franco's orders.