Time shifts in Atlantis?! Sounds interesting… Meet the Temporal Anomaly! With it, you can go back in time and relive your funniest adventures. 🔮

How it works:
Tap on the Temporal Anomaly on the beach in the camp or on the blue notepad on the left.

Choose an island from the list and drag it to the empty cell to start your adventure. Be selective in your choice ❗️ Once you tap "Select", you won't be able to change the island until you complete it.

After completing all the story tasks, tap "Finish" to complete the island. After that, you can choose a new one. If you decide to explore this island again, it will start from the very beginning.

If you complete the island before the current event ends, you will get a special Anomalous Sphere that will give you an additional bonus!

By exploring one location 3 times in a row you can get 3 different spheres. Each sphere offers a greater reward than the previous one.