Tap the cup 🏆 icon in the bottom left corner to open the Lucky Marathon menu.

There are three tabs: Tasks, Rewards, and Leaderboard.


Here you will find marathon tasks, some of them depend on the story island you are currently on. Each completed task gives you Fortune Tokens.

❗️❗️ IMPORTANT: Fortune Tokens are not credited until you claim them yourself. When you complete a task, a green checkmark will appear in the Tasks menu. ✅ Select the task with the green checkmark and tap Claim to receive Fortune Tokens.

If you don't like the task, you can replace it with another one: select the task and tap the red icon with an urn next to it. You'll get a new task in 20 minutes.


The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you get. You can claim all the rewards from the bottom row when you have the required number of Fortune Tokens.

🎟 You'll need to purchase a Gold Ticket to get the rewards from the top row. The Gold Ticket is only valid for one marathon.


Here you can see your and other researchers' positions in the group and the global ranking.