Coins let you sow seeds in the garden beds, buy factories, trees and decorations in the shop.

Here's how to get more coins:

1. Complete Quests

Check out the quest journal on the left to see your current tasks. Most quests offer coins as a reward.

2. Open vases, shells and chests

Look out for items scattered around the islands. Also, tap anything unusual, like magical flowers or abandoned houses, and you might find an ancient treasure.

3. Collect Researcher Bonus

Gain coins by spending time playing the game. The longer you play, the more bonuses you get.

4. Complete Daily Tasks

These simple tasks are updated every day and give you valuable resources in return.

5. Order a Gift from Robert

Order coins as a gift for tomorrow and they will be delivered to you the next day.

6. Collect Daily Treasures

Once a day, when you enter the game, you will receive a gift. 

7. Complete Orders on the Pier 

Your resources and crafts are always in demand. Fulfill orders to get coins and experience points.

8. Play Beehive 

Take your chance and get a guaranteed prize.

9. Complete extra tasks

You may get rewards for cutting out certain resources on expeditions, endless islands, and temporary events. Tap an icon in the bottom left corner to see your tasks.

10. Watch video ads 

You can earn or double bonuses by watching commercials. Look for a "Video" icon, it may appear on any island.