Gems are very rare and precious jewels. They can be hard to find, but in Atlantis, anything is possible!

1. Level up and get gems as a reward

2. Collect Daily Treasures

Once a day, when you enter the game, you will receive a gift. 

3. Complete Daily Tasks

These simple tasks are updated every day and give you valuable resources in return. The final reward includes gems.

4. Complete extra tasks

You may get rewards for cutting out certain resources on expeditions, endless islands, and temporary events. Tap an icon in the bottom left corner to see your tasks.

5. Take part in Races, Marathons and Hunts

If you see an extra icon in the bottom left corner, there's a timed event running. 

6. Play the Beehive 

Take your chance and get a guaranteed prize.

The magic on the island is very unpredictable, so you may be lucky enough to find gems in the most unexpected places.