Meet your new pets!

There are five pets available: a leopard, a bear, a fennec, a samoyed husky and a racoon.

Take any pet with you to various locations in the game. If you want one of your pets to follow you, make it a chosen one: open the Nursery and tap on the crown in the top right corner of the screen.

Get help from your pets! Your chosen pet will help you look for additional hidden resources. Don't forget to collect prizes from pets! The prize will stay with the pet, until you collect it.

Use pets' new abilities. Each pet has a different ability (e. g. to fell a tree, a bush, to crush a stone, collect valuable resources and even explode a dynamite). To use pets' abilities tap on the paw or on the pet.

Select any pet, which abilities you would like to use. Places, where you can use your pet's ability, will be marked by little paws above. Select any of them and tap on the paw.

To exit the abilities mode, tap on the arrow on the right.

Feed your Pets to recharge their abilities.  You can only feed the pet if it is hungry. 

To feed your pet and receive ability charges, open the Nursery, select the pet you would like to feed and then drag the corresponding feed towards the pet. After you feed your pet, you will have to wait a while, until your pet is hungry again.

Use all ability charges and wait for the timer to expire.

Upgrade your Pets. The older a Pet is, the more often it can use its ability and the better resources it will be able to find during adventures with you.

To upgrade your pets, use the new Lu'mian. Open the Nursery, select the pet you want to upgrade, tap on the level above and then tap the "Upgrade" button.