Tortuga is the base for yer pirate expeditions. Here ye can build and launch ships to explore and plunder all kinds of islands.
Build a ship in the Shipyard, load it with tools and Bangs and sail to one of the following locations:
- Tropics
- Fir Grove
- Taiga
- Tundra
- Desert
- Hollow
- Passage

Yer goal is to find the Dead Man's Chest. It's generated in a random part of the island, to make it easier to find the Dead Man's Chest, complete the tasks of the Pirate Pass, raise the Pirate Pass level to unlock hints for finding the Dead Man's Chest, levers and treasures (With the Golden Compass, hints are activated immediately!). Once ye've found the DMC, ye can head back to Tortuga and use the loot to fund yer next expedition or take it home. Remember, you need to build a new ship for every expedition!
Gain Notoriety to rank up and get access to bigger ships, travel to larger islands and bring more loot back. Use the plundered resources to restore Tortuga to its former glory and gain the reputation of the baddest pirate along the way.