Starting from Rank 8, ye get additional tools to clear islands in pirate expeditions: Deckhands and Cannonballs. Ye can buy these tools in the Market (look for the pirate tab) or right in yer Shipyard. Ye can replenish these tools only while on Tortuga, so make sure ye planned yer expedition well and loaded everything needed onto yer ship beforehand.

If ye don’t use these tools in yer expedition, ye can take them back home. Note that ye can buy Deckhands and Cannonballs with Doubloons only: Zombucks are unpopular here on Tortuga. Yer Deckhands and Cannonballs require space in the Cargo Hold (1 Deckhand/1 Cannonball = 5 space units). The bigger the ship, the more pirate tools it can hold.