Welcome to Gabriela’s Park! Not sure where to start? Gabriela has prepared a special exploration guide for newcomers:

- Decorate the Park with unique items from the Park Shop and your most precious decorations! Keep in mind that the Inuit can’t move factories and residential buildings to the Park area.

- Improve your designing skills and earn more prestige points! Check out the number of prestige points each decoration gives and don’t forget that your badges and icons give you points as well! You also don't need to keep all your decorations in the park because they automatically give you Prestige points, regardless of where they are located (Gabriela's park, your Home Station and the storage).

- Open chests with rewards each week: the more prestige points you earn, the bigger the reward will be!

- Keep an eye on your garden! Clean fountains and sundials from weeds to get extra prestige points to your Park!

- Collect the Nature’s Gifts from Gabriela’s Hotbeds scattered around the Park. The tiny green bars will help you get more exquisite items to embellish the land.

- Keep exploring the Park, find more colorful Hotbeds, and get more space to show off your talent!
Don't rush, Gabriela's Park is a permanent land and will stay there for good!

With love from Gabriela!