Trade Company is already in Klondike! Looking forward to cool farm improvements and access to the special Shop? This quick start guide from Lorelei will definitely come in handy!

- Trade Company is a new permanent adventure in Klondike, available from level 25. Complete Contracts, exchange Bills for unique prizes, and collect Blueprints to upgrade your favorite buildings!

- Every prospector knows: new location in Trade Company = new Contract. Develop deposits and process natural resources to earn Bills and Blueprints! Want even more prizes? Use the Trade Company’s Seal to unlock more valuable rewards in the current Contract!

- To go to the next location in Trade Company, fulfill two conditions: build the railway, and complete the Contract or wait until its timer expires.

- Trade Company is generous with rewards! Besides the main Contract, additional goals are available. Complete them all to see what prizes are waiting for you!

- Wait, what about the Bills? Spend them in the Trade Company Shop! Bought everything already? Not to worry – new goods appear every 10 days!

- Remember, the time for completing a Contract is limited! Hurry up if you want to collect all the prizes!