Your new friend will follow you at the Home Station and in the Park. You can give it a name, take it for a walk, or call it out. Click the Release button, and your new friend will go for a walk. Tap the Call button, and your pet will be right back.

How to get a pet?

Complete all the tasks of the lower Treasure hunt event row and get a new friend!

How to access my pet?

To find your companion, tap on your avatar. You will see a pet icon next to your avatar. Tap on it to visit the Pets tab.

What does a collar do?

The collar will help you in taming your new friend so that you can take it on an adventure with you. Your pet will bring gifts when you cut out objects on expeditions.

What are treats for? How to get them?

A fed pet will bring you even more bonuses during expeditions. You can get treats in events or buy them in the Pets menu and the Trade Company Shop.