The following Android device models are no longer compatible with Klondike Adventures:

  1. Lenovo Tab M8
  2. Lenovo Tab P11
  3. Nokia 5.4
  4. Nokia C100
  5. Nokia G10
  6. Nokia G300
  7. Nokia G50
  8. moto e6 play
  9. moto e6s
  10. moto g(6)
  11. moto g(6) play
  12. moto g(8)
  13. SV55216
  14. TECNO SPARK Go 2022
  15. ZTE Blade A3 2020
  16. docomo::SH-02M
  17. M8L
  18. B131DL
  19. LG K41S
  20. One::100011886
  21. Realme C11
  22. vivo 1906

My device is on the list. What's next?

If your device is on the list, please consider changing it if possible. If you decide to switch devices, you can transfer your progress by signing in to the same Google Play account manually or with the help of our Support team.

To be on the safe side, please write down or take a screenshot of your current game ID number - you can find it on the loading screen or in the game settings. This will help us to transfer your progress in case if needed.