You can make feeders for your chickens and hay for cows in the Barn.
Once they are ready, they go to your Market.
Open the Animals tab, then the Food tab, and drag the feed from the Market.
You can also make feed for our new animals here:
- Sheep are available from level 17, and the special feed for them is made from water and grass in the Barn.
- Once you reach level 21, you will be able to buy geese. Goose feed is made from corn, sour cream and stones. However, these geese are very picky and eat only from goose feeders that are made in the Barn!
- When you reach level 23, pigs will become available for purchase. Their feed is made from goose eggs, dry twigs and strawberries.

These are all our animals of the farm. Don't forget to feed them, and they will gladly give you resources to fulfill orders :)