Power of Love (PoL 💓) is a special type of energy needed to complete the lands for couples (Land of Love, Mountain Cabin).

To get more Power of Love, interact with your mate:
1. Help your mate in expeditions by breaking obstacles (only you will get PoL).
2. Knock on your mate's decorations (only you will get PoL).
3. Send each other gifts from the Surprise collection (one gift can be sent per day).
4. Play the Desire game. Any successful carriage visit gives you 5 PoL points.

⚠️ If you play Desire with someone who's not your mate, neither you nor your mate will be getting PoL for another 24 hours even if you play together again!

❗ PoL can't be saved up. There's a hard limit on how much you can have at a time. When the limit is reached, spend Power of Love to get more of it. This limit can only be overdrawn by buying love elixirs from the shop and opening the Surprise gifts or special chests in lands for couples.