If you already play Knights & Brides on Facebook, you don’t have to start a new game on the portal. Instead, you can transfer your game progress from Facebook! 💫

To do it, follow this guide 👇
⬝ Create your account on the portal by clicking Sign up.
⬝ Click Play. You'll see the Progress Transfer pop-up.
⬝ Click Continue with Facebook. Log into your account if you need.
👀 If you need to select another account, choose Have another account?.

⬝ Click Transfer this progress.


⬝ The game progress can only be transferred BEFORE you start playing.
⬝ You can only transfer your game progress once. So make sure you logged into the right account that you use to play Knights & Brides.
⬝ If your Facebook account is banned, the game progress cannot be transferred.
⬝ Your game on our platform and the game on Facebook won’t be synced. They are two separate games.

If you have questions about your game progress transfer, contact your magical support team through the button at the bottom of the game screen. We will do our best to assist you.