The Passion Chalice is a new leaderboard for couples. It becomes available after you start doing the land of Mountain Cabin.

You and your mate can compete against other couples by contributing resources to the chalice and earning Couple Points. Each resource has its value in Couple Points (e.g., one Bottle or 100 Stones equals 1 Couple Point). Points earned by you and your mate are summed up.

Resources can be contributed when the Passion Cup is active (it will be red). If the Passion Cup is blue, it means the cooldown period has started, and you can’t add resources temporarily. The timer can be skipped for rubies.

❗ Resources can’t be taken out of the Passion Chalice! Once they are gone, they are gone.

Take places 1 to 20 to get guaranteed prizes. If you land in the top-6, you will also get Sparks of Passion. They are used to buy chests from the Traveling Merchant in Mountain Cabin. The higher the place, the more Sparks of Passion you get, the more chests you can afford.

If you don’t rank high enough, you can always try next week! The Passion Chalice is a weekly cup, with a new week starting on Mondays.