To start catching fish:
• Open the Market and buy a Fisherman’s House (3 mil coins)
• Complete the construction of the Fisherman’s House.
• Create Floats in this building.
• Place the floats on the water (the river of your Home Station).
• Wait till the timer runs out and collect the fish and other items you have caught.

Fishing Details and Tips:
• Start catching fish using the first float on the list of crafts. As you start catching fish, you will be finding the items needed to create other floats in your catch.
• You can make Floats in Sunrise or make them in the Viking Ship from Martu if you have it.
• Hooks needed for the production of floats can be created in Tinker Factory or Metallurgy.
• Styrofoam and Cunning Bob can be found in your catch, together with fish and other useful items and collection pieces.
• The floats differ from one another in 2 ways: the catch (different floats can catch different items in different amounts) and the time you have to wait till the catch.
• Mouse over a float in your Fisherman’s House to learn the time interval when you will catch fish.
For example, after you place a simple Float on the water, you will need to wait 1-8 hours (time selected randomly) till the fish starts biting. Once you place the float, you will see the timer. When the timer runs out you will get to collect the catch.