Trading is done via the Market Stall (a.k.a. Trader).
• 1 Trader allows for 3 trade offers.
• On the left you have what you are OFFERING, and on the right what you are ASKING FOR.
• Make sure to select not only the item but also the amount of it.
• Always mind the GIFT LIMIT.
• You can also trade for COLLECTIONS and things from the MARKET.
Just click the Collection or Market buttons when you are viewing your Storage while hiring a trade.

If you choose to offer an emerald item, the emeralds will be removed from your account. If the trade doesn’t happen, the item will be placed in your Storage.
NOTE: You do not get your emeralds back, you get the item.

• Pricing is subjective! Be fair and reasonable! Think what you’d be willing to give for what you want. Also it’s always a good idea to investigate the prices! Visit your Trader neighbors and see what they offer.
• It's a good idea to place your Trader near the entrance to your Station, after all, all visitors start from there. 

If you or your neighbors have a Market Stall with an active trade offer, you/your neighbor will be marked with a little SCALE in the neighbor bar.