Embark on thrilling expeditions with your new ally, the PET! Each pet comes with its own energy bar, a vital resource during your adventurous quests.

Unlocking the Pet Feature

Your journey with a pet begins after successfully completing the "Smithy Start-up" mission (one of the early home station quests). Then, you'll get a new quest, "Loyal Friends," guiding you to acquire an ENCLOSURE, the key to accessing your pet companion.

About the Enclosure

The Enclosure, purchasable at the Market for 100,000 coins, is a special building at your home station that unlocks the pet feature. This building requires no construction. You can have only one enclosure. While you can store it, remember, storing deactivates your pet.

Activating Your Pet

Once you've acquired the Enclosure, head there to activate your pet for expeditions.

Meet Your First Pet: The Polar Bear Cub

As an initial offering, all players gain access to the adorable Polar Bear Cub, equipped with a 25-unit energy bar. The energy replenishes at a rate of 1 unit every 6 minutes.

Expedition Mechanics

Your pet’s energy bar is key. It enables your pet to interact with objects based on its energy level. For instance, if an object requires more energy than your pet currently has, it cannot interact with it. During expeditions, inaccessible objects due to insufficient energy will be marked in X-ray mode and won’t be highlighted.

Efficient Object Interaction

Use the “Cut out objects” feature to efficiently interact with objects on your path. Objects that exceed your pet's current energy capacity, yet are within its full capacity, remain highlighted. Should you attempt to interact with an object requiring more energy than available, a notification will pop up.

Queuing and Energy Management

You can queue objects for your pet to interact with. However, if your pet lacks the necessary energy for the next object, a notification will appear.

Remember, energy only replenishes for active pets. Deactivating a pet "freezes" its current energy level until reactivation.

Feeding Your Pet

Enhance your pet's abilities by feeding it Pet Treats at select expedition locations. These treats, available for all current and future pets, provide instant rewards and can only be found in specific locations.


Initially, Pet Treats will be exclusively available in Snowville. Note, these cannot be bought with emeralds.

Expedition Choices

You have the option to embark on expeditions without your pet by deselecting the corresponding checkbox in the Enclosure.

Pet Management at Locations

While on location, your pet may not always accompany you. By unchecking the “Follow Me” option, your pet will stay at the sled. You also have the flexibility to toggle the visibility of your pet’s energy bar.