Introducing the Roulette Manager, a cutting-edge structure designed to streamline and organize your roulette facilities! Say goodbye to clutter on your stations - this innovative building is your key to efficient space management.

How to get

The Manager is available in the Market under Buildings -> Special, for 199 emeralds.

Please note: Only one Roulette Manager can be owned at a time.

With a capacity to hold up to 12 roulettes, the Roulette Manager ensures your Station remains neat and spacious. Remember, the Roulette Manager is exclusive to your Home Station and is not compatible with Forgotten Bay. However, roulettes currently displayed at Forgotten Bay can be integrated into it.

How to use

Click on "Add a roulette" inside the Manager and select the roulette you want to add. Note that only fully built roulettes cab be added to the Manager.  Roulettes with potential upgrades can also be added, provided they are initially constructed. If desired, you can place roulettes back on your land for display purposes.

You can upgrade your roulettes right from within the Manager. You have the flexibility to spin them inside the Manager individually, or activate them all simultaneously.

Tabs inside


Inside the Manager are 3 tabs: All roulettes, Common, and Special. Common Roulettes are characterized by their timer, typically set at 24 hours. Special Roulettes, on the other hand, require specific materials for use, such as the Pocket Singularity needed for the Teleport Decoration.

Roulette Engine

This special item appears from time to time in clearing rewards and in the Construction Trust rewards. Using these engines, you can upgrade your Roulette Manager and add more slots to it.