To set out on an expedition, you first need to find the map.

Get the map
You will find the Map of Klondike once you arrive at your station. However, you will have to get everything ready before you set out on your first expedition. The expedition starts with the quest called Beginning of the navigation. You can find it on page 1 of the Adventures book.

Click the sled and you will see a window with 2 tabs: Team and Cargo. Click the Team tab to find all information about the sled: the type and amount of feed you need for one day of travel, the maximum distance, the number of days you can feed the dogs for at home, the number of cargo pieces you can take at once. The Cargo tab shows what you have in your sled as well as the amount of space still available.

Feed the dogs
You can feed the dogs by clicking the "Feed the dogs" button: the grey dogs (Inuit dogs) eat porridge, while the white ones (huskies) eat fish. If you are short of food or don't have enough time to cook it, you can buy it with emeralds. You can cook porridge and fish in the Barn.

Open the "Map" tab to see the Map of Klondike. Locations on the map are marked with round icons. The spinning icon denotes the location you are currently at. Hover the cursor over a location to see what distance you need to cover to get there and how many days the trip will take. If all the circles between the current location and the one you want to visit are white, you can go there. If there are some red circles on the way, you either need to upgrade the sled or buy a better sled in the "Animals" section of the Market. When you click the location icon, there appears a confirmation screen which shows how many days the trip to the location takes, the number of days you have enough food for, the equipment you need, and whether you have the necessary equipment in your sled. Click the GO button.