1. How many partners can I have simultaneously?
- You can have only 1 partner. So, be careful when you accept a partnership invite.

2. What if I don't have enough pickaxes to chop something on my partner’s land? 
- You can come back later after you have collected more pickaxes. If you are still partners, you can chop their selections later.

3. Do I lose my accumulated pickaxes if I drop my partner? 
- No, you don’t.

4. If my partner performed a chop for me on my land and he removed me as a partner before I could accept his help, do I lose it?
- No, it will still be there for you to accept.

5. If I leave chopped treasures on the ground, can my partner steal them? 
- No, they can’t.

6. Does it cost me dog/horse feed to travel to my partner’s lands and help?
- No, it doesn’t.

7. I have cleared every land on the map by now. How can I earn gold pickaxes if there is nothing left to chop? 
- You can't earn them right now, until you get a new land, permanent or timed.

8. When I chop down an object on a partner’s land, does it drop any bonus resources for me? 
- No it doesn’t. You take nothing home from your partner’s land.

9. Can I earn pickaxes without a partner?
- Yes, you can.

10. If I use dynamite, will I earn pickaxes? 
- Yes, as dynamite acts like a combo chop.

11. Can I request my partner’s help at a location he might not have opened/been to yet? 
- Yes, you can ask your partner to help on any location you have open. Which lands your partner has opened in his personal game will not affect that.

12. I have 300 pickaxes and then I get more from clearing locations. What happens?
- They are lost (300 is the limit). So don’t sit around, be sure to help your partner often to be able to get all the pickaxes that the game offers!